Filmmaking Just Lightened Up.

Meet the lightest, most portable motion control camera of its kind.

Filmmaking Just Lightened Up.

Meet the lightest, most portable motion control camera of its kind.

This is Huge. Because it Isn’t.

Bolt Jr.+ is the most lightweight, portable high speed camera robot of its kind. Period. Combine that with extreme motion control and precision, and you’ve got a camera that can answer pretty much any project demand—even house calls.

Shoots Like Spielberg. Moves Like Jagger.

Capable of sophisticated high-speed, automated image capture, Bolt Jr.+ is ideal for working in compact spaces—like small studios and residences. Lighter, more compact, stronger and faster than the Bolt Jr with a longer reach (hence the plus sign) our model is an obvious choice when you need blazing-fast setup and extreme ease of movement.

Ready in a flash.

Setup with Bolt Jr.+ is fast. Like, under-an-hour fast.

Not so power hungry.

Run off single-phase power—the same outlet that charges your phone.

Supercharged software.

Flair gives you exceptional command over camera movement, plus 3D planning capabilities.

Control freak.

High speed, precise control of zoom, iris & lens. Fastest & most powerful motors in the world.

Can you repeat that?

With easy programming, every camera move is insanely repeatable.

Perfect timing.

Sync motion with external triggers and trigger from timecode.

You come to us. Or we’ll come to you. Your call.

Meet the Featherweight Champion.

Rig Weights

710 lbs

Power Requirements

Plugs right into your outlet!


Bolt Jr + can reach a max height of 8.2 ft and can reach 4.7 ft in any direction.


It has a max arm speed of 16.4 feet per second.

Not to put questions in your mouth, but…

That’s putting it lightly (pun intended). Given its weight, Bolt Jr+ can be transported anywhere. 

Any camera your heart desires…if it doesn’t exceed the payload. The max camera payload of the Bolt Jr + is 22 lbs. We offer a variety of camera packages so you don’t have to worry about bringing or sourcing your own. Packages suitable for any job. The most popular cameras include Phantom Flex 4k, Phantom VEO 4K, Arri Alexa Mini, and any Red Cameras. All offered at ‘package deal’ pricing. 

It depends on the location. But generally because the Bolt Jr + can be run off residential single phase power can be setup and ready to program a camera move within an hour.

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